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You Can to Check My Husband's or Boyfriend's Phone, Facebook Text Messages

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If youre like most people, youll probably end up using several of them. Track the entire Facebook conversation threads your employees or kids on Facebook.

Using Spy text Mxspy. Probably you liked the MxSpy app.

You have to ensure that your children are safe and they continue growing safely, if you are a business person, then its vital to keep an eye on your business, ensuring that your employees dont share important information with your competitors. View smartphone web history. Access to the text messages will enable you to know what your husband is up to.

Hack facebook messages, can hack my boyfriends Facebook account without him.

TCP connections

However, if blocking spies was a simple as this, the spied upon would be rolling in clover and the spies would be scuttling off gnashing their teeth.  

Unfortunately, it can be rather more complicated. Checking the ports is a necessary step and it may help identify and stop snoopware. However, in some cases the spying software may only have an out bound connection to a server.  

In Windows, all out bound connections are allowed, which means nothing is blocked. If all the spying software does is record data and send it to a server, then it only uses an outbound connection and won’t show up in the ports list mentioned above.  

One way to check this is to analyse something called the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which will show you all the connections from your computer to other computers. It’s not as technical as it sounds; it just requires a few careful steps.  

Luckily you can download a TCPView program which shows all the TCP connections. You’ll see a box which lists several columns. On the left side is the process name, which will be the programs running. You’ll see things like Mozilla Firefox (or the browser of your choice), BullGuard and other programs. Look at the ‘State’ column and you’ll see processes listed under Established. This means there is currently an open connection.

What you need to do is filter out of the list the processes you don’t recognize. BullGuard and Mozilla Firefox are to be expected but if there’s something you don’t understand you need to figure out what it is. This is made easy by simply doing an internet search for the process name. The search results will tell you whether the process is safe or not.  

You can also check the Sent Packets and Sent Bytes columns, which instantly identifies which process is sending the most data from your computer. If someone is monitoring your computer, they have to be sending the data somewhere and you should see it here.

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