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The complete cell stealth monitor is available at http://remotekeyloggers.netThis super cell stealth monitor is an all in one solution for monitoring any cell phone location, text/SMS messages/built in camera/built in microphone/keylogger and much more. It basically does everything! You are able to view the cell phones reports from any computer or mobile device. You never need access to the phone once the software has been installed. This video, and the description below, will show you the features, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there is NO Here are the cell monitors features:Here we have the call log, showing you all calls sent and received as well as who they are from.In the next window, we have the text message/SMS monitor, we can read each and every text - even text messages that have been deleted. We can also see who they are sent from and too as well as received, additionally each text/sms message is timestamped.Throughout the following windows, we have the written message/Text messaging keep an eye on, we can easily go through every text message- even text messages that have been erased. We can also see who they are sent from and to who, along with files sent, additionally each and every text message is timestamped.Here we can see the GPS location of the cell phone and even click the icon to see the exact address on a map. The reporting is in real time and also allows you to "virtually" go back in time and see where the cell phone was at any given time.Here we have the stealth camera and the stealth microphone. with these two features you can invisibly activate the cell phones built in microphone and listen to conversations as far as 15 feet away from the cell phone, and with camera activation you can see through the lens undetectably - the camera light will never turn on; and that is why you should never install the software on a cell phone that you don't own.Tips: We can certainly see the Gps system menu area in the cellular phone and also click the symbol to see the cell phones location. Verification is quick and also means that you can easily see the cell phones location history.In the websites tab we can see all web sites visited as well as search engine queries, and in the tab below that we can see instant message monitors for monitoring any common chat program including all chat messages sent and recived. Inside the websites tab we can see all sites frequented as well as online search engine questions, and also in the tab under which we can easily see immediate meaning monitors for checking any popular conversation program which include all conversation information mailed as well as received.We can also see and download all photos and videos taken with the mobile device. Even if they have been deleted it makes no difference, you'll always get a perfect copy every time.We can also see and obtain all photos and videos used with the mobile phone. Even if they have been deleted it makes no difference, you'll constantly have a best duplicate each and every day.Calendar Access: You will also be able to view and download thebuilt in calendar.Work schedule Access: Furthermore you will have the capacity to look at and down load the internal schedule.Alerts: You can additionally have alerts sent if certain keywordsare used or sites are accessed. Really, this is 100% control.SMS Commands: If you wish or have reason to you can invisibly send SMScommands to the cell phone.Text messaging Commands: If you want or have cause for you can invisibly send out Text message directions towards the mobile phone.Download Contact List: You can download the entire cell phones contact listat anytime.Application Blocking: You can block the cell phone from running applicationsthat you choose.Thanks so much for watching, be sure to check out the cell monitor with GPS integration and keep track of your cell phones today!

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Sms spy online without access to target phone mobile phone spy software south africa SimilarCell Phone Spying App 5 1 1 Download

Windows Mobile Monitor – keep a spying eye on how your phone is used

by Brian Hamachek

Dec 26, 2009 at 16:13 GMT9 years ago

Windows Mobile Monitor is a software application designed for cell phones running Microsoft Windows Mobile. The application runs silently and invisibly recording all text message and phone call activity that takes place on the phone. You can retrieve the recorded information two different ways: 

Remotely Retrieve Information

With Windows Mobile Monitor, you can securely connect the device you are monitoring to the SynergeTech Solutions servers. As long as the phone has a data plan, Windows Mobile Monitor will upload phone call and text message data to your account. You can login to the website anytime and see a realtime view of the phone’s usage!  Unlike some similar products available, there is no charge for the remote monitoring service and you can monitor an unlimited number of text messages and phone calls from an unlimited number of phones! 


Physically Retrieve Information  

In some cases, it is not possible to use the remote retrieval method. Windows Mobile Monitor also logs all text message and phone call data on the device itself in a hidden location. This allows you to easily copy the file off the device (using a storage card, infrared, email, bluetooth, or a USB cable). The file can be opened using Notepad or any other text viewer on your desktop computer.

The developer’s FAQ notes:  

– What Information Is Collected? Text Messages: Outgoing and Incoming Phone Calls: Outgoing, Incoming, and Missed Calls

– Does the name of the caller or sender get recorded?

Yes, as long as the number is stored in the phone’s contact list. If the number does not belong to a contact, only the number will be recorded.

– Will text messages and calls that were deleted off the phone still be recorded?


– How does Windows Mobile Monitor get on the phone to be monitored?

You will need physical access to the phone to initially install Windows Mobile Monitor. Once installed, it is automatically and silently started whenever the phone is turned on.

– How do I access the recorded phone and text message logs?

You can login to your account at the SynergeTech Solutions website and view all the data from the phones you are monitoring. If the phone you are monitoring does not have a data plan, you will need to have physical access to retrieve the logs.  Once you have physical access to the phone, you can sync it with a computer, place the log on a SD card, email the log to yourself, or use another method to copy the log off the phone for examination.

– Will the user of the monitored phone be aware that their activity is being recorded?

Only if you advise them. The software is invisible to the user of the phone.

– Is using this software application legal?

Most likely the use of this application would only be legal if you own the phone, the phone service, and advise the user of the phone ahead of time. Please consult a lawyer for actual guidance.

The software only costs £9.99 and works on Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, or 6.5

Read more at about Windows Mobile Monitor here .

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Mobile Spy

Since Mobile Spy was founded in July 1997, the company has sold its mobile tracking app to more than 150,000 customers in over 150 countries. They understand why parents want to monitor with whom their children communicate, and why businesses need to ensure employees value the company’s time and money. Named after the company behind it, Mobile Spy is a cutting-edge mobile tracking software that runs on all modern smartphones, including most Android and BlackBerry devices as well as iPhone. The full compatibility list is available on the official website .

Like all respectable mobile monitoring solutions, Mobile Spy helps you access incoming and outgoing call logs, SMS and MMS messages, the device’s current location, and various usage statistics. It can also show you the full list of the target smartphone’s contacts and provide you with a summary of recent social media and IM activity.

Mobile Spy doesn’t require jailbreak and comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a list of frequently asked questions. In case you need any help, there’s a 24/7 support line waiting to assist you. A trial version of the app is available or free, and you can obtain the full version of the app as a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.

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March 3, 2015 By Wayne Small Leave a Comment Mobile spy software application that allows you to monitor or mobile activities of the person you are suspicious. The software is installed on the phone you want to monitor , and is therefore necessary to have the phone for a while . If it's difficult for you to obtain possession of the phone, better provide the person with the pre-installed spy phone software. Cheating spouses straying teens and kids , dishonest employees are not uncommon these days , but there are options available for those who want to avoid being duped by their spouses or dishonesty of its employees and prevent their children or adolescents with a inconvenient events.Discover how to spy and track any cell phoneThese days mobile spy available with a wide range of software features and functions , and you need to choose the software that is according to your needs. Some of the most popular features of the phone spyware are monitoring text messages , getting the call logs , tracking activities with GPS, listen to live calls and doing other things to help you know all the things you want to know about that you are suspicious about .Most people are in a great effort when they have the feeling of being a victim of fraud. Similarly, parents have their own fears and stakeholders . They do not want their children to become a victim of a life changing event . Mobile Spy Software can certainly help avoid problems and to escape the agony of being cheated.These iPhone Spy , Android Spy , BlackBerry Spy and many other applications espionage days are increasingly popular and it is not difficult to find software for some phones. So if your spouse or child is using an Android cell phone , Blackberry or iPhone, you can easily track their every activity and simply installing a cell phone spy application on your cell phone. If you've decided to give your child or spouse with a phone, is an opportunity for you to give them a phone with pre - installed mobile spy software. Once installed on the phone you want to monitor , spy on a phone would become a really simple task smoothly for you and you do not have to worry so much about questions of being duped .Monitoring cell phone is actually mobile spy software to track and monitor any Blackberry , Android , Symbian OS and iPhone smartphones . Application monitoring spy cell phone allows the user to track and monitor his / her cell phone spouses all voice calls, sms text , bookmarks , browsing history , contact data , GPS location tracking , video and photo log , mobile chat , voice calls recording , sim change notification and many more

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