How Can I Check iPhone 6 Tracking Application

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  1. Go to GPSWOX.COM and log in to your account.
  2. Press the chat icon and select a device you'd like to chat with.

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What you should know about the mSpy Android tracker

  1. What is mSpy phone tracker for Android?

    mSpy is a sophisticated Android tracker app that gives its users an opportunity to monitor another person’s cell phone remotely. For example, parents use this software to protect their underage children from online dangers while business owners track their employees’ activity during the working hours. Moreover, being multi-functional, this Android tracker is very easy to use and install, and requires just several minutes to start monitoring the target device.

  2. What features does this Android spy app provide?

    The list of available features can impress even the most demanding customer. From GPS location and call logs to website blocking and instant messages monitoring, mSpy is an all-in-one solution to your problems.

  3. Who needs an Android tracker?

    As it has been already written above, there are two main groups of people who can legally use the mSpy Android tracker app. One of them is definitely parents striving to protect their kids both, online and offline. Thus, with the help of this powerful monitoring app, they have the ability to track their child’s current location, block age-inappropriate web content and applications, read their SMS and instant messages, view photos and videos stored on the target device, and do many other useful things.

    Another group of people who can legally use the tracking software is business owners. For instance, the mSpy phone tracker for Android is an excellent tool for monitoring employees’ efficiency and productivity, checking whether the company-owned devices are used as intended, and even uncovering industrial espionage and data leakage!

    Please note that in all other cases, before to install any Android phone tracker on the target device, you have to inform its owner about your intentions. In other words, you can only monitor those devices that are yours, like those that are used by your minor kids or employees during their working hours.

  4. What are the requirements for Android smartphones and tablets? Once you decide to use an mSpy Android tracker, make sure it is compatible with the target device. Pay your attention to the following:

    • The target phone or tablet should be running Android 4+;
    • You need physical access to the target device to install the tracking app;
    • The monitored phone or tablet should be connected to the Internet;
    • Tracking of instant messengers (Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, etc.), as well as some other features, requires rooting the target device.

      After the tracking app for Android is installed, you no longer need physical access to the monitored device. It simply means that all messages, call logs, web history, and other data collected from the target phone or tablet will be sent to your online Control Panel so that you could access it anytime and anywhere you want. All you need is a device connected to the Internet.

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      iPhone security tips: How to protect your iPhone from hackers

      Our complete guide to iPhone security contains essential security tips for protecting your iPhone (and sensitive data) from the prying eyes of hackers. While Apple's iOS system is pretty secure, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your iPhone is as secure from hackers as it can be

      By Lewis Painter | 02 May 18

      Welcome to our complete guide to iPhone security, where you'll find essential tips to protect the sensitive data on your iPhone from the prying eyes of hackers.

      If you have concerns about the safety of your private data on your iPhone, sensitive information including website logins, email addresses, text messages and even photos and videos, we have some tips to help you protect it.

      While Apple's iOS system is pretty secure, there are ways to make sure that your iPhone is as secure from hackers as it can be - and here is where we show you how.

      Keep iOS up to date

      Our first tip on securing your iPhone against potential hackers is a fairly simple one - make sure that you're always running the most recent iteration of iOS, including smaller 'dot' updates.

      Hackers occasionally find flaws in Apple's coding which they can exploit, potentially giving them access to your personal data. New iOS updates are Apple’s way of combatting the exploits by patching any holes in the OS while implementing better stability enhancements.

      To update to the latest version of iOS , open the Settings app and tap General > Software update. You'll either be welcomed by a note letting you know you're already running the most up to date version of iOS, or be prompted to download and install the latest update.

      The latest version of iOS is iOS 11, but point updates for iOS 11 are regularly released so it's important to keep an eye out for those. We track the latest updates to iOS 11 here , so you can be sure if there are any issues before updating.

      Activate Find my iPhone

      Another step you can take in the war against hackers attacking your iPhone is to activate 'Find my iPhone'.

      If you lose your iPhone then you can log onto Find My iPhone from another iOS device or via the web and remotely wipe your device, taking your personal data with it.

      This means that even if the hacker did manage to gain access to your lost/stolen device, they'd find nothing. To remotely wipe your iPhone, log in to the Find my iPhone app (or iCloud website), select your iPhone, tap 'Erase iPhone' and confirm the action. The next time it has an internet connection (if it doesn't already) it'll automatically wipe itself.

      Create a longer passcode

      There’s a hacking tool called GrayKey that can crack iPhone and iPad passwords and its being used by law-enforcement agencies.

      Apparently the tool can crack a four-digit pinched in a couple of hours. A six-digit code can be cracked in a few days.

      The device, which plugs into an iOS device, disables the usual passcode-retry and re-entry delay strategies that would normally stop anyone from accessing a phone after a number of incorrect passcode entries.

      While you probably don’t have any reason to not want the police or government agencies to hack into your phone, the real concern here is that if it’s possible for the GrayKey device to hack into your phone this way, it’s highly likely that there will be similar devices and hacks available to criminals.

      So, until Apple fixes the vulnerability that GrayKey is exploiting to run it’s passcode hack, what can you do to protect your phone?

      • Choose a long passcode: one that’s longer than six-digits. It could take a few months to hack an eight-digit pin, and a ten-digit pin could take a decade to crack!
      • Use a passphrase containing words, rather than numbers. But use random worlds that wouldn’t normally appear together.

      While passcodes only use numbers 0-9, a passphrase includes numbers, letters, symbols and case-sensitivity which should make your iPhone a lot harder to break into - although it may take a little longer to unlock your iPhone when you want to use it.

      Here's how to set up a new passcode for iOS

      1. Open Settings.
      2. Tap Touch ID & Passcode (or Face ID & Passcode if you have an iPhone X).
      3. Enter your Passcode.
      4. Cap on Change Passcode.
      5. Enter your Passcode.
      6. Tap Passcode Options.
      7. From the options, choose either Custom Numeric Code or Custom Alphanumeric Code.
      8. Now enter your new code and verify it.

      While if you use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your phone you won’t normally need to use your passcode to unlock it, you may still need it if you haven’t used your phone for more than six days, or if you restart your device, for example.

      (On the subject of passwords, you can significantly improve your security by using a password manager .)

      Auto-wipe iPhone content

      Our next suggestion may be a little unnerving for some people, but is a great option if you feel like someone is trying to guess your iPhone passcode. The idea is that after ten incorrect passcode guesses, the iPhone will automatically wipe all content and thus make the smartphone useless to the hacker.

      It's slightly worrying as we've known people to accidentally activate the feature (usually when under the influence of alcohol!) and delete all their personal information.

      These are usually the same people that tend not to use automatic iCloud backup, so if you do enable the option we'd advise also turning on automatic iCloud backup so if your data is wiped (due to an accident or someone trying to hack you) you'll have everything saved in the cloud.

      To enable the rather nuclear option, simply head to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle on 'Erase Data'.

      Avoid opening unknown links

      This one is fairly self-explanatory - if you receive an unknown link via text, email or randomly on the web, don't click on it.

      This could potentially pose a threat to your device and even though it may not be able to hack your iPhone directly, some pose as popular email clients like Gmail to gain access to your email account.

      The pages usually look pretty close to the real thing, so this type of scam is fairly common and it always pays to keep your wits about you.

      The general rule is that if you don't trust the look of the email/message then just don't bother opening it. The same goes for email attachments too, although there aren't many (if any at all) cases where hackers have been able to gain access to an iPhone via this method, and this is more of a general tip.

      Revoke app permissions

      The next step to take in the war against hackers is to revoke access to apps. When you use iOS apps you'll often be prompted to allow the app to access things like the camera, microphone, contacts, etc to use the app to the fullest extent.

      Even though allowing access means you can use every feature of the app, the app may also be able to access your private information.

      Don't get us wrong - this is against Apple's privacy policy and any apps found collecting personally identifiable information will be removed, and as far as we know this hasn't happened so far, but it is a possibility.

      Either way, if you feel like you've installed a less-than-reputable app on your iPhone, you can either delete it or head to Settings > Privacy, select the permission you'd like to revoke and toggle the application off - sadly this has to be done on a per-permission basis as there's no way to toggle permissions off all at once.

      Turn off Siri

      Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, is a great feature of iOS and provides users with a way of using their smartphone hands-free.

      However, no matter how helpful Siri may be to users, it can also provide hackers with personal data. Siri will often ask for some kind of verification before allowing access to contacts, photos and other types of sensitive information, but there have been multiple occasions where people have found workarounds completely bypassing the iPhone passcode and providing easy access to the device.  

      To disable access to Siri on the lock screen, simply head to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode and toggle the "allow access when locked" option off.

      Read more: Siri troubleshooting guide

      Turn off auto-fill

      The same can be said about Apple's auto-fill feature in Safari. Apple's Keychain stores website logins, prompting users to save the information after successfully logging into their account.

      It's a hugely handy feature as it means we don't have to remember the login information for the myriad of websites we browse - and the same goes for credit/debit card information. Simply tap a button and Apple will fill out all your credit/debit card information, apart from your security code.

      However, if a hacker does manage to gain access to your iPhone, it provides them with access to all your online logins. To disable keychain and auto-fill, simply go to Settings > Safari > AutoFill and toggle off each option.

      How to avoid iCloud photo leaks & hacks

      The past couple of years have seen a swathe of celebrity photo leaks. As usual on the web, famous women get the worst treatment - which in this case means the widespread posting of nude photos. And in a lot of cases an iPhone, or an iCloud account, has been involved.

      That doesn't mean that Apple hardware and software services are fundamentally insecure. In fact, we feel confident in saying that the iPhone is the most secure mainstream smartphone on the market right now. But it does show that nobody can be complacent about the security of their most personal data and photos.

      There are various ways to ensure that your intimate photos aren't stolen and posted online by hackers: two-step authentication and an audit of your secure questions are both a good idea. But we look at this in far more detail in this article: How to keep your iPhone photos safe .

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