How to Get Access to Texts from Someone's Phones

Cellphone spying: Is someone how to get access to texts from someones phones seeing your photos, texts, calls and more?Judith Woods »

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Today two types of devices dominate the mobile market: Androids and iPhones. .. Each of these will enable you to read someone's text messages and just about all .. Monitor your child or employee's internet access to safeguard against them ..Essential how to get access to texts from someones phones ReadsHow to View Verizon Text Messages Online

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Debra Lewis, from Verizon Wireless, agreed that the only way to keep a message is to keep it on the handset. She said that her company does not keep text messages on their servers for any length of time. However, if there are messages that are retrievable, a subpoena is required to get copies of them.

“The text and photo messages cycle through the servers, and then are no longer available if the phone company does not store them,” Lewis says. “If Verizon gets the court order in time, it will save the messages for a bit of time. We don’t disclose the length of time (except to law enforcement), but it’s not lengthy and can vary — but you can think of it as days, not weeks or months,” she adds.

“The company often works with law enforcement agencies to get calling records and text messages for use in investigations,” says Lewis. “But for the average customer, the best chance of saving a message is not deleting it.”


Simek said that in his experience, companies like Verizon have text messages on their servers for about 14 days. He said that the time frame has been revealed in court cases when law enforcement agencies have retrieved text messages for use in investigations. “But,” he cautions, “the average cell phone customer will have a nearly impossible time getting access to text message records without already having a case in the judicial system and a subpoena in hand. They will not do anything if you have not filed an action,” Simek said. “They’ll just laugh at you.”

He also said that the best chance to get any text message information is by searching the handset. But if the text messages have been deleted, then that is when the professionals come into play. Simek’s company has seen in increase in requests for access to text messages. “But getting access to the text messages, especially when they have been deleted, can be complicated,” he says. “Normally it’s pretty volatile, these text messages,”

If someone deletes their text messages, a computer forensics company can try to retrieve the messages using several programs, such as Sim Card Seizure, Paraben Device Seizure, or BitPim. He said there are thousands of variations in the way his company accesses each phone, depending on the maker of the phone, the connecting components, and the memory storage. It also depends on how the phone overwrites its memory when messages are deleted.

Simek says the extraction software may be able to get the text, but not the date and time it came in, depending on how the phone works. “Some of the programs may also act like cameras that take pictures of the screens inside the phone. The tools that you use to extract the data have to be pretty robust,” he says.

“When the company gains access to the text messages, and can save them for a client,” Simek says, “it can then testify in court as to what information the messages contain. That alleviates the potential for inadmissibility. We become the impartial party.”

About the author :  Michele Bush Kimball has a Ph.D. in mass communication with a specialization in media law. She has spent almost 15 years in the field of journalism, and she teaches at American University in Washington, D.C. She recently won a national research award for her work.

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Try a DFU Restore

Finally, you can do the thing our fearless leader and former Genius Bar guru suggests – a Default Firmware Update (DFU) restore. This process uses iTunes to reset and restore your iPhone’s settings. To do this you’ll need your iPhone, a computer with iTunes installed, and a cable to plug your iPhone in.

Then, check out Payette Forward’s guide on How To Put An iPhone In DFU Mode, The Apple Way , for step-by-step instructions on how to get your iPhone back under control.


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6. You Can Use 3D Touch to Share Links

Taking URL sharing a step further, iOS 11 lets those of us with 3D Touch-equipped iPhones to share URLs by in messages, and it's super easy. Just 3D Touch on the link in the message, then slide your finger up the screen to show the menu, just like before, except this time you'll get an option to "Share" which brings up the share sheet.

No share option in iOS 10 (left) and iOS 11's new share option (right).

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In this video, you will learn how to Monitor Text Messages On Someone else's phone, using the Verizon Message Plus app and spoof calling.Click this link to visit their page:

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