How to Save Text Messages on iPhone

16 Jan 2018 .. To save text messages iPhone, connect your iOS device to your .. Every iOS how to save text messages on iphone user gets a free storage of 5 GB on iCloud, which can later buy ..

If you have ever backed up your iPhone to how to save text messages on iphone iCloud or iTunes you should be able to restore your iPhone text messages from the backup.Can I Track My Boyfriends Sms Messages Without Him Knowing For ..transfer messages from iphone to iphone without backup

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  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap "Notifications."
  3. Tap "Show Previews."
  4. Tap "When Unlocked."


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More info: is necessary to print iPhone text messages for future use.Free iTunes Backup Extractor is a ultimate free tool to explore, view, extract and retrieve data from iTunes backup of your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. how to print text messages from iphoneprint text messages from iphonehow to print text messages from iphone 6how to print iphone text messagesprint iphone text messagesprint texts from iphonehow to print out text messages from iphoneprint messages from iphoneprint iphone 6 text messagesprint iphone text messages for freeprint imessages from iphonecan you print text messages from iphoneiphone print text messagesprint out text messages from iphoneprint text messages from iPhone 6 plusprint messages from iPhone 6

Helpful answersOld Version Supports Mac OS X 10.7+ and Windows XP SP3 or Later Fitness Monitoring Device iPhone MoreApple iPhone 6s Message Tracker - Battery Overview Apple ..

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Check iMessage System Status

It's possible that texts not going through has nothing to do with your iPhone. It could be Apple's servers. Check out the company's System Status page and find iMessage to see if there's a problem. If there is, there's nothing you can do: you'll have to wait for Apple to resolve it.

In-Depth Tutorial

iExplorer can load, read and export text messages that are either on your iPhone or ones that have been saved in an iTunes Backup already on your computer. This tutorial walks through both possibilities.

To access text messages on an iPhone, open iExplorer and connect your iPhone to your computer. You should see the Device Overview screen appear. From this screen navigate to Data --> Messages or from the left column, under your device's name, navigate to Backups --> Messages .

Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone

  • Transfers any data between iPhones (not only messages).
  • Supports all phone models like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Moto, etc.
  • 2-3x faster transfer process compared to other transfer tools.
  • Data kept absolutely secure during the transfer.
Free Download Free Download Watch Video Tutorial

Learn how you can enable or disable text message preview in the notification panel on iPhone 6 Plus.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: US ON FACEBOOK: US ON G+: Android Forum for Discussions:

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Here’s how — and why — to use Safe mode with an Android phone

When you have an issue with your phone, Safe mode can help you determine whether a third-party app is to blame. If you’re wondering how to access it, or how to turn the feature off in Android, then you have come to the right place. Posted 4 days ago — By Simon Hill Mobile

Tags App to Monitor Text Messages iPhone Unwanted 25 Apr 2018 .. Recover deleted messages, contacts, calls and more from iPhone or iPad. .. Type within the text field a recognisable phase or name from the message(s) you .. You can trace old iPhone messages by using third party apps.How to See Additional Options in Control Center on the iPhone How to Hide Text Previews for Every App Notification on iOS 11's ..

Copying iPhone Messages to the Computer

By J. D. Biersdorfer

  • Jan. 1, 2018

Q. I have a long series of text messages on my iPhone between my son and me. Is there a way to copy these from my phone to my computer and save the files in a Microsoft Word document?

A. Extracting a text conversation from your iPhone and saving it as a word-processing document is certainly possible, and there are a few ways to go about it. Many methods involve backing up the iPhone’s contents to the Mac with Apple’s free iTunes software , so if you have not already done so (or have not recently backed up your phone), consider this the first step and you get the bonus of having a fresh backup file as well.

If you do not care for a lot of technical fiddling, get one of the several programs designed to copy files from an iPhone to a computer with a few clicks. For example, the iExplorer program, for the Windows and Mac operating systems, can grab a specific text conversation from the iTunes backup file and save it in a more common format like a plain-text file (which can be opened and saved in Microsoft Word), a comma-separated values file or as a PDF file. Photos and other attachments can also be retrieved. Similar apps include the iMazing program for Windows and Mac, CopyTrans Contacts for Windows and the PhoneView for the Mac.

ImagePrograms like iExplorer can copy an iPhone’s messages, voice mail and other files to a computer.CreditThe New York Times

More labor-intensive approaches to extracting the messages from the phone can be found around the web if you are up for an adventure. However, a relatively inexpensive program that can also harvest music files, videos, voice mail and other content from your phone can be very useful.

If you use the Messages app on a Mac with the same account you use on your iPhone and can see the conversation you want to keep in the desktop Messages app, you can also select, copy and paste the text from there into a Word document. (Photos will probably need to be downloaded separately, and some emoji characters may not translate properly when pasted into a document.)

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Learn how to save iPhone SMS text messages to your PC or Mac with the step-by-step instructions in this video tutorial. Find the detailed instructions here: Windows Version ► Mac Version ► you're looking to transfer or save iPhone text messages or even iMessages with all the attachments to your computer (weather it's a PC or Mac), you can do that with a program called iPhone Transfer SMS. Check the video description above and click on the appropriate link to download the program for your PC or Mac. This tool works on both non-jailborken and jailbroken devices.

Back up to Mac

If you want to transfer text messages from one iPhone to another without using a backup and restore process, then you'll need a third-party app. A few apps allow you to access and save the data from an iPhone, but we're going to use PhoneView . (There's a free trial, while the paid-for version costs .95.)

Here's how to use PhoneView to access the messages on your iPhone:

  1. Install PhoneView.
  2. Open the app. Click OK when you're told that 'PhoneView would like to access your contacts'.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  4. Click Archive in the PhoneView alert window.
  5. Click Messages in the Sidebar and OK to the Now Loading Phone Data window. It takes a few minutes for the iPhone data to load into PhoneView (a blue progress bar at the bottom of the sidebar on the left shows how the data load is going).
  6. The names of people you have had conversations with appears in the middle column. Select one to view the text messages you've shared with them.
  7. You can drag the name of a person directly to the desktop to save that conversation as a PDF.
  8. To extract all of your messages select All and click Copy From iPhone. Choose a location and click Save.

You can change the type of file PhoneView saves from PDF File to a text file, tab delimited file, CSV or XML (this makes it easy to import into a spreadsheet such as Numbers or Excel).

What you can't do, unfortunately, is copy these messages back into the Messages app . You can, however, copy them to a compatible app on the iPhone (iBooks works, but we prefer an app like GoodReader for viewing PDF files). You can email them to yourself or use iTunes File Sharing to copy the files across.

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