How to Spy Text Messages on iPhone 5 4s

Just how easy is how to spy text messages on iphone 5 4s it to hack Instagram?With the help of good free download hacking software, anyone can become .. So, many people are using the android and iOS hacking apps for safety purposes.How can I spy on my husband cell phone without touching..

iPhone Monitoring

Monitor SMS, iMessages, GPS locations, and call information on iPhone! How It Works Purchase

PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued. Currently, Mobile Spy is only available for Android smartphones and tablets.

In 2008, Mobile Spy was proud to announce the availability of the world's first monitoring software for the Apple iPhone. We still lead the market today with over seven years of improvements.

Mobile Spy will help parents using Apple smartphones. Learn about your child's calls, text messages and GPS locations by logging into your Mobile Spy account from any web browser. All photos are viewable too!

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How To Check My Wife’s Text Messages For Free

It’s no secret that relationships are built on trust, but sometimes that is not enough and you need to resort to other methods in an attempt to make sure your wife is completely honest and faithful. Luckily for you, now all you need to do is get a monitoring app for your wife’s Android or iPhone and track everything that goes in and out of the cell, regardless of how far you are from your wife.

The mechanism is easier than ever before! You download an app on iOS or Android device and launch it, the app then conceals itself and transfers all the obtained data to your online account. Find out the truth NOW

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Spy Into Someone Else's Chat History on iPhone

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free Phone The good news is – tracking text messages on an iPhone way easier than sounds!Maybe there's a spy app on your phone now, here's how to find out. How Do I Track My iPhone Without

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We have tutorials on how to unlock iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, and older devices. .. You can either do a software unlock, which usually requires some kind of hacking, or you can do a factory unlock. .. (iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus) .. Download the iDB app.Let Us Help Keep Your Child Safe Online! Monitoring Text Message on iPhone Quotes How to Create a Bootable macOS Mojave USB Installation DiskOffers a free pushemail service for the iPhoneEblaster mobile bbm spy software free download – Keep track of my race mobile phone spot android mobile phone

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Look up a VIN report before buying a used carSpy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a .. If you are using an iPhone and you share the same Apple ID, you can ..Is my boyfriend cheating on me because I think he is and these are the reasons why I think so? How to Monitor Someone's Phone and Read SMS Messages Everyone has their reasonsdr.fone - Recover (iOS) Call Us22 Jun 2018 .. Use this mobile phone tracker to see where your partner is! Whats the best method to see if my deleted iPhone text messages are recoverable?Best Bitcoin/Ethereum Apps

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Documenting Text Messages for Trial or Legal Matters

Jay W. May 20, 2018 at 12:00 PM Categories: iPhone | View Comments

Attorneys and clients often find themselves needing to accurately document and print text messages for court or legal proceedings. Each year there are millions more legal cases where text messages are being used as evidence in a trial and also by lawyers during discovery.

Digital marketing firm eMarketer estimates that by the end of 2017 over 1.82 billion consumers will be using mobile messaging apps on all platforms . That’s a lot of messages sent via mobile devices! This includes iOS, Android, and also popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and WeChat. With text messaging and messaging apps now solidified as one of the world’s most popular forms of daily communication, the need to document and preserve text / sms messages for evidence in court has increased dramatically.

What is the best way to document and print out my messages for a court case or legal proceeding?

No matter how you preserve text messages for evidence, you'll want to make sure that the records have all of the information necessary for them to be admissible in court. Consult a lawyer for the specifics in your region about what information is required. For most legal matters the following details should be visible in your text message documentation:

  • The date and time of the messages.
  • The real contact information for the other party or parties in the text message conversation. For SMS this is a phone number. For MMS or iMessages, this is either a phone number or an email address.

Whether you are a lawyer, law enforcement official, or simply someone who has a pending court case or legal matter, there are several solutions for saving and printing text messages so that you can preserve evidence from your mobile phone's sms message history.


For iPhone / iPad / iTouch, we recommend using Decipher TextMessage to save and print out your text messages for court. Decipher TextMessage is already a trusted and widely used program by lawyers and law enforcement officials for preserving any messaging data in a format that will hold up in a legal environment. Features include:

  • The software has a free trial so you can try it out without spending any money.
  • Text messages are saved with a time / date stamp and by contact ensuring that your documentation will be upheld in a legal setting.
  • Decipher TextMessage presents your iPhone text messages and iMessages in a similar format as seen on the iPhone. (Here are links to specific instructions about printing iPhone text messages and exporting iPhone text messages to a PDF file .)
  • The software saves your text messages locally on your computer. None of your data is accessible by anyone but yourself and nothing is stored in the cloud.
  • Decipher TextMessage also recovers deleted iPhone text messages and iMessages , a feature that is useful for attorneys, police officers, or governmental agencies for evidence. ( Click here for our guide about recovering deleted text messages. )
  • You don't always need the iPhone to save your data. The software can access the data from an iTunes backup on any Windows or Mac computer.
  • Depending on the formatting your jurisdiction requires for text message transcripts, you can turn on an option to show the iPhone contact information on every individual message .
  • Decipher TextMessage allows for combining text message conversations from more than one contact/group as well as selecting only a certain period of time depending on your needs.

iPhone Screenshots

Another way to print out your iPhone text messages is by taking screenshots of each text message screen on your device. To take a screenshot you press the "Home" and "Sleep/Wake" button to capture what is on your iPhone screen. Pros and cons of using the screenshot method include:

  • Screenshots are quick and easy (and free!) if you only have a few text messages.
  • One drawback of using the screenshot method is that it is time consuming. If you have lots of messages you will need to screenshot each individual screen and organize the images into a text message transcript manually.
  • If you're required to show the time on every message, you'll need to slide left on the Messages app screen to reveal each message time. It's hard to do that and press the screenshot buttons, and cuts off some of the message text.
  • If you don't have the iPhone in your possession, there is no way to use the screenshot method.


There are several popular programs available for saving text messages from an Android device to your computer Some are free and some can be purchased for a fee in the Google Play Store. One popular app is SMS Backup + . The program stores texts in your Gmail account and lets you access them from any web browser.

  • The app is free so you can try it out without spending any money.
  • Printing out the text messages from any web browser is convenient and easy.
  • It requires that you have a Gmail account. If you don't, you can simply register for one and then be up and running with the application within minutes.

Android Screenshots

To take a screenshot of any Android device is fairy simple, however the commands are different depending on your specific device.

  • The first thing to try is pressing down the "sleep / wake" button and also the "volume down" button at the same time. If you see your screen "flash" then you have successfully taken a screenshot.
  • For Galaxy devices and other Android phones that have a "home" button, try holding down the home button and the power button simultaneously until you see the screen flash.
  • After taking a screenshot the image will then appear in the photo gallery app on your device. Simply look for the screenshot photo album and locate the image you just captured. You can then send, save, or share the screenshot depending on what is best for your needs.

Whether your device is an iPhone or an Android, we hope these tips for preserving and saving your text messages for court or a legal issue have been helpful. Remember to back up your mobile data on a regular basis so that all your important information is safe and secure. Also, when gathering text message documentation as evidence, consult with a lawyer in your local area if you have any questions or concerns.

Feature Phones

We see a few questions about documenting text messages for non-smart phones in the comments section. Definitely leave us a comment (or contact us via email ) if you're interested in this, so we can followup/reply! (Leaving a comment also let's us know how many people are interested in this topic.) Be sure to mention the specific kind of feature phone from which you want to document sms/mms messages; the techniques and details vary depending on the phone manufacturer/operating system.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Decipher Media makes Decipher Tools software to address common iPhone, iPad, and iPod needs like documenting text messages, photo recovery, and fixing broken iPhone backups.

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