How to Track Your iPhone from Your Computer

We compared the 4 best tracking apps how to track your iphone from your computer for iPhone & AndroidHow to spy on iPhone without installing softwareHow to use Find My iPhone on the web

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1. Find My Friends App

Find My Friends App is pre-installed in iOS devices running iOS 9 to track other’s iPhone, get their estimated ETA(Estimated time of Arrival) or locate their address on the Map. You may also use it to spy by iPhone real time location tracking. This App uses Apple’s cloud service to track down your missing device.

Price: Free


  1. This App just needs to be downloaded on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and can be then used to share your location with friends and family.
  2. You may also share your location with other contacts using the same app.
  3. Location sharing made easier with AirDrop and e-mail facility.

Download Find My Friends App to Track Real Time iPhone Location >>

Learn how to save iPhone SMS text messages to your PC or Mac with the step-by-step instructions in this video tutorial. Find the detailed instructions here: Windows Version ► Mac Version ► you're looking to transfer or save iPhone text messages or even iMessages with all the attachments to your computer (weather it's a PC or Mac), you can do that with a program called iPhone Transfer SMS. Check the video description above and click on the appropriate link to download the program for your PC or Mac. This tool works on both non-jailborken and jailbroken devices.

This tutorial will show you how to set up the GPS tracking feature on your iPhone 4 or 4s and track its location using your PC or MAC, in case you lose your iPhone or your iPhone gets stolen. UPDATED VERSION OF THIS TUTORIAL, CLICK HERE your iPhone 4 or 4s using another iDevice consist of a slightly different procedure than tracking it with your PC or MAC. To learn to track your iPhone using another iDevice such as iPad, iPod or a friend's iPhone, please see this tutorial PLEASE NOTE: If you've already LOST your iPhone and you did not turn this feature on PRIOR to losing it, you will not be able to track it. Sorry.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FAQQ: I already lost my iPhone and Find My iPhone is not setup. Can I still track it?A: No, unfortunately. This feature must be setup for it to work.Q: FInd My iPhone feature is not turned on. Can I still track it?A: No, unfortunately. This feature must be on for it to work.Q: My iPhone is turned off. Can II still track it?A: No. Your iPhone must be on and connected to Wifi or your data network.Q: My iPhone is not connected to the internet. Can II still track it?A: No. Your iPhone connected to Wifi or your data network. On iPhone 5, you can use "Lost Mode" to notify you when your iPhone is tracked.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INCREASE THE CHANCES OF RECOVERING YOUR IPHONELearn to prevent thieves from disabling the "Find My iPhone" feature on your iPhone 4 or 4s in this tutorial here:

Tracking iPhone Text Messages In Backup

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More from my site Iphone tracker app Mar 5, 2018 .. How to use Find My iPhone on the web. Open in any web browser. Log into your iCloud account. Click on Find iPhone in the main menu. Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in if prompted. Click on All Devices at the top. Click the device name for the device you'd like to track.All TOPICSHow To: Make an Easy DIY Stylus for Your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Using Stuff You Already Have Monitor My Metropcs Apple iPhone 6

  1. How to Find Out if Someone's Secretly Been Using Your Computer
  2. 3.4 out of 55.
  3. Copy9
  4. Jailbreak version
  5. “Can I track my iPhone if it’s turned off, is in airplane mode or not connected to the internet?”
  6. Check Out Our Sponsors…Mar 5, 2018 .. How to use Find My iPhone on the web. Open in any web browser. Log into your iCloud account. Click on Find iPhone in the main menu. Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in if prompted. Click on All Devices at the top. Click the device name for the device you'd like to track.

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We show how to track and find a lost (or stolen) Apple device using Find My iPhone, even if the battery has died

By Karen Haslam | 25 Jun 18

An indepth review for top 5 best cell phone spying softwares

  1. Its likely your phone has been stolen.
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Mode. They are made viewable to you regardless of if they have been deleted on the tracked device itself.

Jenish Bardoliya, Surat I would say above all this is an incredible app. The default implementation also sends hover accessibility events.

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The online cloud control panel is a powerful system to yse phone usage with tracking live location, tracking phone calls, tracking text messages and reviewing app usage history. Check out our Smartphone Privilege Offer, exclusively for selected credit card holders. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what youre looking for.

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  • Heres my pick of the best sms tracker apps for iPhone and Android that enable you to spy on text messages remotely.
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How to track iPhone without app using iCloud:

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DinoDirect is a wholesale online shopping store supplies clothing, electronics, mobiles, computers & gadgets from China with free shipping worldwide. If you wish to cancel your account, please login to your account and go to the My Account area. Density; view. Well you sure cant have that superpower unless you can find a mad scientist ready to subject you experiments, however, you can know what a persons thinking or what he is up Continue Reading. Spy on text messages, SMS spy, free spy text app . OnApplyWindowInsetsListener to a view.

Danielle et al, great app great people simply AWESOME!

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  3. This app actually works!
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How to Secretly Track Someone’s Location With iOS

In an attempt to connect iPhone users with friends and family, Apple developed Find My Friends. It was released back in 2011 and has since been bundled with the iOS 9 operating system. The application has been proven to be useful in various situations, such as locating your teen when they are out or if you are checking what time a certain guest will arrive. In turn, your peers may keep tabs on you as well.

But if you look at the other side of it, Find My Friends can be used to spy on other people. All it takes is a little knowledge on how to share an iPhone location without the other party knowing about it.

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Invading someone’s privacy is a serious matter, but seeing how easily this can be done through Find My Friends is quite alarming. The person who is being tracked will not have a sense that their every move is being monitored, neither will they receive an alert or notification for that matter. Not everyone is aware that Find My Friends in iOS 9 or lower even exists. If they do, they’ll view you as a follower and not as some freaky stalker of any kind.

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