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Method 3 : Using WhatsApp Web!

Now, this is a very simple method that you can use to spy on your dear ones (not anyone) WhatsApp, it applies only to your dear ones because you must have an idea on when they comes online and when they’ll be using WhatsApp.

I guess you already know WhatsApp has a web version called ‘WhatsApp Web’ . Which basically mirrors your WhatsApp in phone to your PC/Laptop. Only thing is your phone must be connected to internet when you’re using WhatsApp Web. You can use this to spy on your dear ones (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife) .

But there is a small catch, you must have physical access of their phone and must be able to open WhatsApp for a little time. You have to authorize the WhatsApp Web and the new browser on their phone. Else this method won’t work. Steps for that are mentioned below :

  1. Open WhatsApp on their phone, and go to menu and find WhatsApp Web.
  2. In WhatsApp Web, click on the ‘+’ button on top most right.
  3. You’ll see QR scanner option.
  4. Now open WhatsApp Web on your Chrome or Firefox browser (No other browser supported now).
  5. And point the QR scanner on the QR code in your browser.
  6. There you go! You now have a mirror of the WhatsApp of your loved one’s in your browser itself. 

Be careful with this, don’t just open the unread WhatsApp messages as it might induce some doubts in the person whom you’re spying on. Also they could log out from all the browsers if they knew about it. It could not be good for your relationship too!

That’s how you spy on WhatsApp , the easy way. Now, moving on to the difficult way.

spy pen youtube video

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