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Perfect for my teenage drivers

8 Dec 2017


I know where my kids are now they have their licences! If they get stuck or they need me to meet them I can quickly get directions. I know how soon they will be home from the app indication of "mins away". I can see the time they were at certain locations and how long for. I can see they made it safely to their destination. I can see when they arrive at and leave certain locations like school. For late night curfews I don't need to stay awake, I can check the next morning what time they arrived home. Or if I wake during the night I can quickly confirm they are safely home. It also lets me know if they are low on battery and I can remind them to charge or use an external power bank. This app is helping us build trust :)

AnyTrans® for iOS - Best iPhone to iPhone Transfer Tool

Free download AnyTrans for iOS to your computer and then follow us to transfer text messages from old iPhone to new iPhone 7/8/X in minutes. Start A Free Trial Now >

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Q: "I plan to buy a brand-new iPhone 8 Plus. Meanwhile, I have an old iPhone 6. And all my text messages remains in the old iPhone. Can I transfer text messages from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8, because I don't want to lose the best memories that carried by text messages? Is it possible to transfer only messages instead of the whole backing up and restoring process?" Thanks for sharing.

-- Yahoo Answers

When you get a new iPhone X/8 (Plus), the first thing you need to do is to transfer data from the old iPhone to the new one , and of course the text messages or iMessages are always something you don't want to leave behind.

To transfer messages to new iPhone, certainly you can back up the old iPhone via iTunes or iCloud, and then restore your new phone from the backup. However, not only messages, some other data that you don't want anymore may be transferred from old device to your new device. Additionally, there is also a great chance that you may suffer from the slow transferring process, and even sometimes, you may be failed in the midway due to lots of unknown reasons.

How to Transfer Text Messages fom iPhone to iPhone

In this tutorial, we will share you the easiest and most practical way to transfer text messages/iMessages from iPhone to iPhone. In case some of you prefer the traditional way to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone, we will also show you the detailed steps to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud. Please refer to them and adopt one method catering to your needs most.

1. How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone (Easy & Fast) 2. How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud (Time-consuming and Complicated ) 3. How to Transfer iMessages from iPhone to iPhone (Only for iOS 11.4)

Apple iPhone 5s Signal Tracking

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  • 29 May 2018 .. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is lost or stolen. Sign in to on a Mac or PC, or use the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Find your device. Turn on Lost Mode. Report your lost or stolen device to local law enforcement. Erase your device.
  • Part 5: How to Transfer Data to New iPhone from Android PhoneHow to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone: 12 Steps

8.2.3AccuTracking is designed and developed to track vehicles, their speed and real time locations on the map. It can track multiple iPhones at .. How To: Stop Your iPhone from Switching Tracks While in MotionCell Phone Solutions, LLC Buy GPS TrackersApple previews Milan’s Piazza Liberty store with dramatic glass fountainAltimeter GPS Can I View My iPhone Text Messages on My Mac

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