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Adult Blocker 1.0.38

Licensefree Download Platform Windows

Adult Blocker (Parental Control) blocks access to porn sites (adult content, pornography).

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    DansGuardian is a powerful filtering tool with many features to block unwanted sites. Among some of it's features are blocking text and HTML pages based on obscene content, IP addresses, and URLs. It can also be configured to work off a 'whitelist' where all sites except those listed will be blocked. The stealth mode feature is particularly nice if you have teenagers. This feature allows sites that would otherwise be blocked, but reports them in a log.

    However nice, DansGaurdian is just a filter and will need to be paired with a proxy to do the web stuff. A proxy is a program that sits between your computer and the internet. It funnels all incoming connections through one opening called a port. Usually proxies have additional features such as web-caching and filtering. There are many choices of proxies that one can choose, but we will focus on one to get you started: Privoxy .

    Please view this page if you are would like to know more about the flow of events in DansGuardian.

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    1. Download and install Funamo Parental Control or Funamo Accountability (See what is the difference )
    2. Start Funamo Parental Control, sign up and follow the setup wizard to register your device with Funamo server (Note: Initial sync does take some time to upload information to the server particularly if you have many apps installed or many contacts stored on your device. It is also slower if you are on a 3G mobile network than on a WiFi network. If you have problem with it, please try to sync again and if necessary you can click "Start Over" button to re-register your device.)
    3. Configure the settings for Internet filtering, Protected apps, Time-limited apps and Device control setup.
    4. Set WiFi and mobile network proxy to Host: and Port: 8998 following instructions below.
    5. Click Start Funamo to enable Funamo parental protection. If you already enalbed Funamo before setting proxy, please disable it first by click Stop Funamo, then click Start Funamo to enable it again.

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