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10. SMS Tracking



Key Features

With a little different approach, this application allows you to track the location of the target and share the location with a text message. Further, as per device’s capability, you as a requester would be able to get a picture or short video using front or rear facing camera on the target device by sending designated keyword to the target phone via text message. Link to the picture or short video will be sent to you (requester) automatically.

Sadly, the application is not as feature rich as its other counterparts and has not received any update since last months.


The above mentioned apps are the best in market and have been tested out by several users. So, you can download any of them and start SMS tracking instantly! 

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How to Install Mobile Spy on iPhone Now

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  3. 6. Re: how can i see my childs text messages and picture messages?SPYERA - Hidden Spy Phone App - Undetectable Tracking & Monitoring
  4. What are the features of spy app SMS tracker for androidQuel budget ?

MSpy Monitor WhatsApp Chat History Of iPhone Instant GPS Tracker

How does a spy app work?Change Application Settings Remotely View iPhone Text Messages on Computer Hackers Could Be Spying On Your Children. Find Out How! How to read someones text messages without having their phoneDigital spy mobileUse it for

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2. SMS tracker

SMS tracker might as well be the stealthiest of all apps on this list, but not the Google play store version. As a rule, all apps on the store cannot behave like spyware and have to show an icon in the notifications to demonstrate that they are running in the background. Therefore the version of SMS tracker available in the Google play store is no exception. This makes less of a secret SMS spying app because one might discover it and uninstall it locking you out of their phone. There is a disguised version of the app available at which calls itself “system health” on your phone and does not show any icon in the notifications area. This is the better version to have even though some good antivirus apps can detect its presence and will warn you while installing the app.

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