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Highster Mobile2.3.3You text message monitoring iphone 2114 can hack a smartphone with no more information than a phone number

To check out the conversation I had with Sprint's Supervisor regarding to drop Signals, Unable to send Text msg Issues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evCgn1...Not sure if its the problem with my crappy Carrier Sprint or its a glitch in the software for Apples iPhone 5. let me know what you guys think!


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    I need to know what to do about iPhone error invalid number when texting.Use the right phone number when sending the text.It is the right phone number.The iPhone error Invalid Number When Texting can occur when you send a text message to a landline number. Are you sure you aren’t texting their home number instead of their cell phone?I’m sending a text message to the person’s cell phone.You could have fat-fingered the number and entered an incorrect one when sending the message.I’ve seen this error when sending the reply to someone.You may need to put in the right area code for the person and a one in front of it for it to properly reply to the message if you’re sending it long distance on some networks. And make sure you didn’t leave a number out of the area code.The phone number in the profile is correct. And if I had left a number out of their phone number in the profile, it would be obvious what was causing the error message, as would adding extra digits.That doesn’t mean the profile for the person you’re replying to isn’t corrupted.Would that be fixed by deleting the profile and adding it back?That’s the first step.I can’t see what else would need to be done.In most cases, you have to delete the corrupted profile, turn off network settings, and then add them back.Resetting network settings fixes way too many problems on the iPhone.Sometimes the corrupted profile is referenced in all the text messages and SMS and call history on your phone.That’s a given, since I was trying to reply to a message I received from them.Then you have to delete all prior messages, call records and SMS related to that person along with the profile. Then reset the network connections and add the person back.I need to tell everyone that advice.Don’t forget to delete any groups in your account that include the old corrupted profile, or this fix won’t work.And I thought unfriending someone on Facebook was annoying.You have to delete all group messages that refer to that person too.What else could be causing this error?This problem is most common with AT&T. You may need to change carriers.That’s harder than deleting all traces of the person in my iPhone’s history.When you delete all prior contact references for this person, you may need to create a new text for the person entering the first letters of the contact’s name so it properly fills in the contact info.That implies the short cuts I have need to be updated too.It would be the last thing on the phone to be updated, except for your backups, which you’d want to update too, so your next backup doesn’t restore the corrupted profile.So back up early and often as soon as I make sure it is fixed.And you can try closing the text session and coming back to try to fix it before doing all this.If restarting the app fixed it, I wouldn’t have asked for a better solution.

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