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SupportsMar 23, 2018 .. Messages is the text-messaging software included with your Mac. .. you can send unlimited messages to any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch .. With macOS Sierra, you can also use Siri to send, read, and reply to Messages.SMS Tracker text message tracker app jailbroken iphone


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Can't send a group iMessage

If you're having trouble sending messages to groups of people, one reason could be that one of your contacts no longer has an iPhone.

When you send a group message in iMessage all your contacts will show up as blue, until you add someone who doesn't have iMessage, then they will all turn green as the iMessage group will not be supported.

If you had a group iMessage and one of your contacts stopped using their iPhone this would break the group iMessage. To find out if this is the case, start a new group message rather than continuing with the old one.

It's also possible that you can't send a group message to an existing thread because you left the conversation.

The fix

If you think you've shut yourself out of a group message, as we described above, you will need to do the following: 

  1. Open the Messages app and tap the group message you're trying to reply to.
  2. If you've left the conversation a message will tell you so.
  3. You can't unilaterally rejoin a conversation: you'll need to have one of the remaining participants add you again.
  4. Alternatively, you could just start a new conversation with all the same participants and go from there.

What if you are intent on group messaging your friends and not all of them have iPhones? In that case, your best option is to use Whatsapp. We have this tutorial about using Whatsapp here .

How To : Password protect a folder in Snow Leopard on your Mac iPhone App to Monitor Text Messages Your With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.




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Description of WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp hack tool or WhatsApp spy that spy WhatsApp conversations on your child phone, despite of the conversations has been deleted. The mobile phone spy application cal also spy on phone activities, locate the phone, do gps tracking, etc. Features: - Spy sms, spy viber, whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Gtalk, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger. This also works as a WhatsApp hack tool. - Spy email, Gmail - Track browsing history: default browser, chrome, firefox. - Read entire contact list: Phone number and Email address. - Monitor applications. - Access pictures and videos taken by the target phone. - Call recording, call spy. - Notifications: Sim Card changed notification. - External Storage Manager: view folder and files. How to use: - It takes couple of minutes to data display latest data: sms, chat, contact, web. - Please play with it (open web, application, send sms, call; chat whatsapp, viber, hangouts, skype, facebook, send email to some your friends) Once you install this mobile tracker on the target cell phone and register it with username and password you can spy kid, wife, husband, lovers, friends. Use Note: Rooted Phone Features: Whatsapp tracker, viber, facebook, skype, hangouts, yahoo, gmail, email, firefox. Non-rooted Note: Whatsapp (include new version) can be tracked data 24 hours delay. Choosing the right WhatsApp spy software can be difficult. When it comes to smart phones, whatsapp is one of the top communication applications on the market. Almost every person who owns a smart phone uses WhatsApp, and many people need a whatsapp hack tool to do whatsapp spy on messages. WhatsApp spy helps you to spy on whatsapp sms from your child's phone, knowing what his did when you are not there, in order to keep your child safe.

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